Marine Growth Prevention

Marine Growth Prevention System

Superior protection, ease of use and value from the new anti-fouling and anti-corrosion system for sea chests and seawater circulation systems.

Manufactured in the USA by Wilson Walton, ClearFlo offers improved performance while eliminating problems experienced with older style equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced Anode Construction reduces risk of metal chunks "breaking off" at the neck of the anode and becoming lodged in strainers.
  • Improved Anode Insulation prevents short circuit conditions.
  • All anode diameter and length combinations are in stock.
  • Upgraded Junction Boxes are made from heavy duty Pauluhn marine bronze.
  • Computer Controller monitors anode consumption rate. Display indicates number of days' life remaining for each anode, eliminating user uncertainty.
  • Automatic Detection of "flow" and "no-flow" conditions via auxiliary pump contacts significantly increases anode life and relieves crew of need to manually adjust anode outputs at-sea and in-port.
  • Self-Calibrating Controller requires no adjustment. Anode consumption and protection conditions are optimized.
  • Switch-Mode Power Supply is bulkhead-mounted, small (5x10x12") and lightweight (20lbs).
  • Intelligent Scrolling Alphanumeric Display provides snapshot of system status, as well as:
    -Sea chest or strainer location
    -Anode type (copper, aluminum or iron)
    -Anode output current
    -Anode output voltage
    -Anode program set point
    -Fault reporting with corrective measures

ClearFlo, an environmentally friendly alternative to older chlorine-injection systems.

ClearFlo, an intelligent state-of-the-art Marine Growth Prevention system, available from stock at an affordable price.

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