Heater Treater Anodes

In heater treaters and other production vessels, cylindrical cast aluminum anodes allow for excellent corrosion protection and easy replacement.  Typical applications use cylindrical anodes in heater treaters, pressure vessels, barges, or any other type of structure requiring a compact, replaceable aluminum anode. The characteristics of the alloy make it ideal for higher temperature or lower chloride saltwater environments.

Galvanic cathodic protection of steel requires the periodic replacement of consumed anodes. In heater treaters and other production vessels, cylindrical aluminum anodes make this replacement process a snap. These anodes are cast from a high-voltage, high-potential alloy, containing nominal percentages of indium, zinc, and silicon. Combined with the anode's unique cylindrical shape, the low-iron alloy offers one of the best current outputs available. The chemical composition of this anode also has a proven track record for delivering superior protection in produced brines with elevated temperatures.

All cylindrical anodes are cast with eyebolt, rod, or threaded steel pipe cores. A stabilizing rod attached to these cores ensures a strong mechanical bond between the core and anode. To guarantee the highest-quality anodes, insist upon a chemical composition test which will confirm the anode’s purity.

Wilson Walton USA is a wholly-owned aluminum sacrificial anode foundry located in Houston TX.  Wilson Walton has been producing tens of thousands of Heater Treater anodes per year for the past decade.  Our production process is second to none, so please consider visiting us for a foundry tour, where you will be able to observe from start to finish the production of your Heater Treater anodes, and leave with a better understanding of the product.   

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