Aluminum Anodes - Aloline

High Capacity Aluminum Sacrificial Anodes for Shipping & Offshore Industries

Aluminum anodes from Wilson Walton (Aloline) are cast in low-iron high efficiency aluminum alloys. Aloline anodes are characterized by lightweight and high amperage output.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Corrosion Protection is provided by Aloline’s higher driving potential compared to zinc or aluminum/mercury alloys.
  • Lower Cost per System is achieved because Aloline’s greater efficiency means fewer anodes are needed, saving on material and installation labor costs.
  • Optimal Composition, Quality & Fit is ensured with anodes designed and manufactured at Wilson Walton’s own foundry.
  • Bulk Melter enables the production of anodes in excess of 1,000lbs.
  • Purity Matters. Contaminants like iron reduce anode life and effectiveness. Aloline alloys are the purest available, offering exceptional corrosion protection:
    • P0404 Alloy – the purest, premium low-iron aluminum alloy for offshore structures and other applications demanding high performance and extended anode life. Contains MAX 0.04% silicon and 0.04% iron.
    • P0506 & P0610 Alloys – low-iron aluminum alloys offering superior performance for most marine applications. P0506 contains MAX 0.05% silicon and 0.06% iron. P0610 contains MAX 0.06% silicon and 0.10% iron.


  • Fixed offshore structures
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Hulls and tanks of ships
  • Pipelines
  • Piers

Installation & Operation of Aluminum Anodes

Aluminum anodes (Aloline) are normally clamped or welded into position from an integrated steel core. Aluminum Anodes can be installed by customer maintenance personnel in accordance with Wilson Walton-supplied layout drawings.

With proper installation, Aloline anodes will operate efficiently and economically without attention. They generate their own current and work silently and surely to control corrosion. Apart from routine inspection, no labor costs are involved after installation and no electrical supply is required.

Aluminum Anodes are simple and economical

Designed specifically for reliable performance under a variety of environmental conditions, Aluminum anodes (Aloline) operates effectively at both low and high temperatures. Wilson Walton sacrificial aluminum anodes are performance-proven with over 40 years of research and commercial use.

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