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Impressed Current Cathodic
Protection System

State-of-the-art performance, reliability and value from the revolutionary anti-corrosion system for oceangoing vessels and workboats.

Manufactured in the USA by Wilson Walton, Aquamatic III is more than an ICCP system. It's a self-sufficient network that senses, monitors, controls and communicates.

Features & Benefits

  • Distributed Intelligent Control with multiple local nodes can perform specific tasks and take automatic corrective action with awareness of each node's status.
  • Zone Control ensures optimal distribution of current for superior hull protection.
  • Automatic Programming balances multiple systems to compensate for changing conditions in real time.
  • Easy-to-Read bright vacuum fluorescent alphanumeric display is multilingual-capable.
  • Informative readout summarizes system and hull protection status and alerts crew to specific issues with corrective instructions.
  • Quiet & Cool-Running controller allows easy installation in a convenient location, such as control room.
  • High-Output Switch-Mode power supply provides reliable high-speed regulation of power output.
  • Compact & Convenient power supply measures only 40" high x 20" wide x 7" deep. It fits in tight spaces and is suitable for bulkhead mounting.
  • Leading Edge Diagnostics include:
    -Individual anode testing for pre-drydock identification of open or shorted anodes.
    -Storage of "at sea" anode test data in memory for review in freshwater ports where certain tests cannot be performed.
    -Self-testing of all components every nine hours. System self-corrects as necessary.
    -Remote testing available from anywhere on the network.

Aquamatic III, an environmentally sound solution, is completely free of prohibited materials, including asbestos, PCBs, mercury, coal-tar epoxy, red-lead paint and organo-tin ingredients.

Aquamatic III, proven long-term low maintenance performance in the most demanding saltwater environments.

A specially-designed Workboat System for smaller vessels is also available, offering maximum reliability with minimal installation and maintenance.

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